HOWIN produces 5KVA-3000KVA diesel generator sets,  25kva to1500kva for gas generator set; power from 432kw to 8730kw for HFO Generator set and low-voltage switchgear assemblies and full range of services including the unit instillation, full-automatic distribution, generator room environmental engineering, unit maintenance, spare parts supply, etc. The units produced by HOWIN all use international brand engines and generators with excellent quality. Through ten years of product development and technology accumulation, HOWIN’s products gradually become more mature. In order to meet the different needs of customers worldwide, we will renovate continuously technologies and improve products.
Soundproof generator
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  • Avantages
  • Specifications
  • The sound-proofing type diesel generator set, made of the standard diesel generator set with sound-proofing shell, can achieve the purpose of reduce noise. HOWIN sound-proofing appearance design has obtained a national patent.
  • The mute diesel generator set with the noise value between 65 and 75dba is usually used in the environments with stringent requirements for noise such as hospitals, schools, banks, hotels or other commercial sites. The mute generator set is made of the standard unit with mute cover. The mute cover can be removed and facilitate the care and maintenance.



    Combined type design to facilitate the installation

    Customized according to customer demand

    All-steel shell with external coating of galvanized phosphoric acid

    Corrosion resistant wall

    Water proof and dust proof enclosure sealed design

    Rain and dust are difficult to enter

    Good cooling system and full exhaust and heat elimination

    Reduce the noise without affecting the unit power

    Rigorous factory test

    Quality assurance

    Small size and beautiful appearance

    Convenient unit transport with high safety

    Complete accompanying data

    Convenient installation, operation and maintenance

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