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HOWIN Power is committed to providing reliable standby power for office buildings, high-rises, residential housing, hotels, restaurants, stores, post offices, and schools, all with your tangible benefits in mind.

Product need and challenge

1、 Working condition
24 hours consecutive stable power output at rated power (10% overload for 1 hour permissible each 12 hours), in the following conditions. 
Altitude height: 1000 meters and below. 
Temperature: lower limit -15°C, up limit 40°C

2、 Low noise
Quite power supply with lower noise effect on work. 

3、 Necessarily protective equipments
The machine will automatically stop and give signals in the following cases: low oil pressure, high temperature, over speed, start failure.
For auto start power generators with AMF function, ATS helps realize auto start and auto stop. When the main fails, power generator can start within 20 seconds (adjustable). The power generator can start of itself consecutively for three times. The switch from main load to generator load completes within 20 seconds and reaches rated power output in less than 30 seconds. When the main power gets back, the generators will automatically stop within 300 seconds (adjustable) after the machine cooled. 

4、 Stable performance & high reliability 
Average failure interval: not less than 1000 hours 
Voltage regulation range: at 0% load between 95%-105% of rated voltage.

Power solution:
HOWIN power System offer diesel and gas powered generating sets in our standard range,with power outputs from 5-4500KVA. Our Power Solutions Team also design and manufacture gensets to meet individual customer requirements not covered by standard range.
In our pursuit of excellence we continue to meet demanding international standards such as the ISO9001/2000 quality standard, American EPA standard, EuropeanCE standard and etc., accreditation which recognises manufacturing excellence and investors in people.
Continuous Improvement is one of our core values at TPS .We view research and development of our products as an on-going process by responding to the changing needs and expectations of our customers. We have over 10 graduate engineers working on our standard product offering, and 20 experienced engineers constantly pushing the boundaries of genset design in our R&D Department.

1.Over 10 years experiences in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of gas and diesel generator sets. 
2.More than 20 R&D staff. Projects under development currently: double fuel generator sets. 
3.An excellent team which is experienced with market and has strong technical capability to customize cost effective and high quality generator sets for customers at home and abroad. 
4.We can design, plan and manufacture the generator sets for special purposes for customers, such as sound-proof type, trailer type, container type, etc. We can provide professional suggestions for customers with regard to the various problems they are facing. 
5.We hold technical trainings and exchange conferences regularly at home and abroad in order to let all of our partners obtain adequate technical information and capability as well as provide the most perfect service for the customers using HOWIN products. 
6.We set up common spare parts warehouses in many cities at home and abroad so as to address the supply concern of spare parts for each customer. 
7.All of our products have gone through the certification of ISO 9001, which ensures the design, production, transportation and service of products all meet certain international quality standard. 

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